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The healthcare industry revolves around on paperwork – documentation for patient’s records and payment for their services. Every time a patient receives healthcare services, a record is created to document the observations made during these services, the treatment outcomes, and any medical or surgical procedures. This record can include the patient’s symptoms and medical history as well as test results, diagnoses and treatment plans.

To get reimbursement for the services provided to the patient, medical billing and insurance coders assign a code to each diagnosis and procedure. They use specific software to assign several hundred “diagnosis-related groups” or DRGs to the patient’s bill that explain what procedures were performed and why. The DRG code is critical to help determine the amount the insurance programs will reimburse the hospital, the doctor and the laboratory.

Medical billing and insurance coders must:

  • Understand medical terminology
  • Enter patient information into computer databases
  • Code the proper procedures and diagnoses
  • Send the information to the appropriate patients, insurance companies, doctors and medical facilities

Online classes for medical coding are available for those interested in becoming a coding professional.

A growing field for skilled professionals

Technicians with a strong background in medical coding will be in particularly high demand. Other professionals will be needed to manage the entire process, check for accuracy and secure the information as required by law.

More job openings are expected in doctors’ offices because of increasing demand for detailed records, especially in large group practices. New opportunities will also happen in home healthcare services, outpatient care centers, hospitals and nursing and residential care facilities. One of these opportunities could be waiting for you!

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At Gulf Coast Billing and Coding Institute, you are offered personalization and support to help you become a certified healthcare professional and advance your career. Our innovative career programs provide flexible learning options and convenient scheduling for busy students.

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As our team at Gulf Coast Billing the Coding Institute carries 17 years of experience in healthcare industry, we can easily establish connections between those employees who are looking for coders as well as those coders who are looking for employees.

Employers can rely on our placement services. Our aim is not only to recruit certified coders and professional billers who are successful but also who are highly knowledgeable in whichever they are performing!

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